Wow was a while since I was on the blog

I had forgotten my blog for a while now, but I have gotten the urge to start to write once more :) and I’m think of starting to blog in Swedish to. The reason fir that is 1. I read more abut Swedish things that I my have an opinion on 2. And the biggest is I’m dyslexic and it would improve my
writing allot. But for now it’s just an small idé :)

But it would be fun tho. So by the end of the mouth there will hope full be a Swedish blog :) And a new camera! So flicker will be more used before then now, there only old, really old picture on my account. But i really want to take it up once more. Was along time since i was taking photos. Hope i still know how ;)


I have been playing a hell alot of Starcraft 2. Hots is dame fun :) Been mostly playing 2v2 but some 1v1 have a hard time to find the race i want to play. Protoss i know best then Zerg. But dont know what to play so been alot of radnoming but Terran. Oh gud. I do suck as them but. Dame. They are good but hard atlest for me :P but anyway will be working on that.

So i will be keep playing and thnking of what to do next:)

Until next

Jesper C

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