Rage in gaming and what to think

Just gotta a link to one of Athenes YouTube videos where he talks about rage in gaming and where it comes form. In that film he talks about if you are in a team game like lol (he use that game in this film) if one player is not doing good and you start to think he sucks that is just from your point of view. You can’t know what has really happen in there lean so ask instead what has happen to them. There is more to it then what i have written so far so go see it I really recommend you to see the film, the link is here.

He has many valid points in what he is talking about that would really help out the them if more where doing what he is talking about. I can go to myself and i know i do not always think like that but i try more often then not to do. It helps me out to understand that there is more people the me here and they my see and do other things then i do. One thing is for sure i cant keep track of everything that is happening on the map, so in a game where you are solo or just one friend in the game and you two are on voice chat then you know about to leans the one you are on and the friends but if there is no communication of a good kind there wont be a way to know what is happening until it is to late.

Rage game of the day

A match a played earlier to day there where people just thinking about them self and did not think of the game as a whole which they complained about what others where not doing. but in face they where did the same thing or did not pay any attention to chat here the “ss” where so when they died they started to say “There where no ss form bot!!! you guys sucks” and so on but in fact there was a ss just above his massage… I just sat and thought about that game while watching this film and there where many trues to what he said and what happened in this match.

A funny thing was that one of the complainers said I am the best one here he was on my team and said that to everyone, he sounded like he was one of the best in the world like he was chatting but in fact he had 250+ games in ranked and was in silver league where i place after this match. when he plays he most do something wrong from the start and i think might know what and that is he don’t look to him self to see what he can do batter then just rage. I do shit loads of wrongs more often then not i try to learn from them so i don’t do it more i don’t think a person like him dose that but i hope I’m wrong for there sake.

That was my rant about rage so go watch the film on YouTube really good. And fun to do a bigger post just type about something, sure there may not be a good written one with a good red wire but fun :)

Jesper C, Until next!

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