For the past week i have been working on getting the stream up again it have been fun and been a lot of work. Probably more work then was needed but it I wanted to do it right and to test a lot of small but fun things :). The thing that did take me the longest to get some what right was the microphone, not really happy whit it yet, but to get it like i want i need to get another stand but for now this will do.

And my web cam is not the beast it but decent for now. And did some picture for the stream.

Buy me a coffee Background

That will be all for now and you can find the stream here and here(Twitch) ;)

Until next, Jesper C!

What to do?

That is the question I don’t really have a good topics for the blog as I did before, then i had a lot of fun writing but that feeling has left me and has been absence for a while with sucks if you ask me. I do really in enjoy working on blogs and crate stuff for the site and so on but. With no inspiration i kinda hard to pull something out once a*s so to say but that is how it is.

One of my big problems i had before was that i got stuck to much in what one shall do and don’t for SEO. Why I was think so much off SEOing my text was basically trying to get more readers but that is so darn hard anyways. So what was thinking then of doing and what i still thinking of doing is to treat this blog as just an outlet of thoughts and my playground for testing thinks in wordpress. What that means is I want be focusing on Games that much as I did before what i wanted when i started with gaming part was to write about a subject I do enjoy but I end up playing same games for often then not. So there is not that much variation off what I was doing. Sure every match in Sc2 is different then the last but it was not that i wanted to do. More of testing new games and talk about them but to do that you need a good ground to stand on so you can afford the games.

Witch i do not have at the time, I have also lost some of my interest in gaming. The hole summer I have been with out work so it was been a lot playing but I have reach a certain point where I don’t get the same enjoy meant as i did before and i want to do a lot of other things with my time, I am kinda in a planing stage of what i want to do with my time and a lot of other things.

Time will tell how all works out one can just step on the train and enjoy the trip :) Well this was kinda fun to type once again I have to say :)

Here is some good music!
Avicii – True

Until next, Jesper C

Wow was a while since I was on the blog

I had forgotten my blog for a while now, but I have gotten the urge to start to write once more :) and I’m think of starting to blog in Swedish to. The reason fir that is 1. I read more abut Swedish things that I my have an opinion on 2. And the biggest is I’m dyslexic and it would improve my
writing allot. But for now it’s just an small idé :)

But it would be fun tho. So by the end of the mouth there will hope full be a Swedish blog :) And a new camera! So flicker will be more used before then now, there only old, really old picture on my account. But i really want to take it up once more. Was along time since i was taking photos. Hope i still know how ;)


I have been playing a hell alot of Starcraft 2. Hots is dame fun :) Been mostly playing 2v2 but some 1v1 have a hard time to find the race i want to play. Protoss i know best then Zerg. But dont know what to play so been alot of radnoming but Terran. Oh gud. I do suck as them but. Dame. They are good but hard atlest for me :P but anyway will be working on that.

So i will be keep playing and thnking of what to do next:)

Until next

Jesper C

Rage in gaming and what to think

Just gotta a link to one of Athenes YouTube videos where he talks about rage in gaming and where it comes form. In that film he talks about if you are in a team game like lol (he use that game in this film) if one player is not doing good and you start to think he sucks that is just from your point of view. You can’t know what has really happen in there lean so ask instead what has happen to them. There is more to it then what i have written so far so go see it I really recommend you to see the film, the link is here.

He has many valid points in what he is talking about that would really help out the them if more where doing what he is talking about. I can go to myself and i know i do not always think like that but i try more often then not to do. It helps me out to understand that there is more people the me here and they my see and do other things then i do. One thing is for sure i cant keep track of everything that is happening on the map, so in a game where you are solo or just one friend in the game and you two are on voice chat then you know about to leans the one you are on and the friends but if there is no communication of a good kind there wont be a way to know what is happening until it is to late.

Rage game of the day

A match a played earlier to day there where people just thinking about them self and did not think of the game as a whole which they complained about what others where not doing. but in face they where did the same thing or did not pay any attention to chat here the “ss” where so when they died they started to say “There where no ss form bot!!! you guys sucks” and so on but in fact there was a ss just above his massage… I just sat and thought about that game while watching this film and there where many trues to what he said and what happened in this match.

A funny thing was that one of the complainers said I am the best one here he was on my team and said that to everyone, he sounded like he was one of the best in the world like he was chatting but in fact he had 250+ games in ranked and was in silver league where i place after this match. when he plays he most do something wrong from the start and i think might know what and that is he don’t look to him self to see what he can do batter then just rage. I do shit loads of wrongs more often then not i try to learn from them so i don’t do it more i don’t think a person like him dose that but i hope I’m wrong for there sake.

That was my rant about rage so go watch the film on YouTube really good. And fun to do a bigger post just type about something, sure there may not be a good written one with a good red wire but fun :)

Jesper C, Until next!

Now the page is up

So now I’m back and I have done some stuff to make the site more secure. Now I do really hope this want happen anytime more. And there is daily backups witch i did not do before so this will help a lot if it happens once more. So now I can get back to blogging, there is one problem… That is I have not moved back to my apartment. And I really want to get back to voice and movie recording I dont have those stuff here.

Anyway now I just have to come up with a topic to blog about there was a while back since i bloged so there may take a while until a come up with something :)

Anyway until next, Jesper C

Why has the page been in maintenance mode?

Why maintenance mode has been turned on is because I have done somethings work related things on the page. first of an event calendar and then it was a test of a Gantt schema. So while I did all the changes to the site to test them out I had maintenance mode on and when I was done with the changes there was a new theme and a lot of other things turned of but now it all will be back to normal-mode, no more maintenance mode. The plug-in I used for the maintenance can be found here and is called Maintenance so quit straightforward name ;) and is easy to use so thanks to the creators of the plugin for that! :)

So that is a short explanation to why maintenance mode was turned on.


It was a while since i did post something here the last post is from 2012/08/26 that was not yesterday so to say. I have some post that are just draft that has not made it all the why to the finish line and are not relevant anymore one is of world of warcraft which I have taken a break from, that post is just to throw a way but the game is fun much to do but it is not that fun if you like having a lot of alts then its quit boring too much rep farming >_< but they have made that a bit easier now but still there is a lot of dailies that needs to be done… I hate them!!!

New look

Have been working on a new look to the site but that is going slow as a snail, I’m not happy with what I have made I never am. :P Even if it’s good I will always think there is a way to make it batter. But that is the fun part to think of new ides that may work batter and sometime they are even worse :). So if I get done with the look then I can start with the coding and that is going to be a the real challenges. Because have not it was a long time  since i programmed anything. I have just done some easy HTML to make the text look like I want it to look :) But it will be a fun challenges if I only can get to that stage of progress :)

I will leave you with a song I just found that is quit good
The Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)

Jesper C, Until next!



Now I have gotten a new microphone :) but it’s not the one I will use in the future this is a borrowed microphone as compensations for not getting the one that I have ordered yet and I will get another kind of microphone . that I batter than what I hade ordered :) What that means is that I will start making videos! I made a film yesterday you can see it here. And more is coming and its fun to do but live commentary maybe not the smartest thing to do so I will try to do post commentary to see how that goes :)

Anyway that was a quick update! :)

Jesper C, Until Next!

Why is something so hard too do?

Hey longtime since last time and the big reason for that is I have not gotten my microphone yet….. And it was weeks since I ordered it don’t know what has happened they said that they would call when it got in. That was 6 weeks since that now it has just become a big and funny joke xD

I could understand if they did not call if I have removed my order but II have not done that :S. But I will wait for I while longer how knows I maybe get it for less ;) So that is the story for why I have not but up any new films… I did enjoy doing them but the sound was crap so I don’t want too but ut crap!!

That was the rant about that :P I was doing a post abut blacklight retribution. But it got bad at level 10 I was but up against players why above my level and they had some sick stuffs so I could not do anything against them I would have needed to buy things for money I do not have a problem whit that if it was not so dame expensive….

And too the thing that the title is about. Why I have choose a big problem asking a girl out? It’s one of the more normal things to do but I can’ get those dame words out……… I just needed to.

That was todays rant

Jesper C, Until next!

Mass Effect 3

Don’t know what was new in Mass effect 3 but some part seamed new, and the ending was still the same but it was not as much a disappointing than before, sure it did not feel right but okayish. And the multiplayer (MP) was really fun end they had released a lot of free DLC (Okay I may exaggerate it was only two but still). It’s nice to see that they have made free DLC for the game. And the combat was so much fun. I may play through it once more soon!

Mass effect 3

So may conclusion is that I should give it one more chance but if I play Mass Effect 3 once more I will make some different option going regnade all the way! I will return to the MP more often than before. So if you are thinking of getting mass effect 3 and the other mass effect games I would recommend you to do so! It is an epic story even if you know what happen at the end of the series you will still get many hours of fun game play out of it. One thing I will not under stand is why they did not make a MMO of the franchise rather than Star Wars. If they make an MMO of Mass effect I will be one of the first in queue to buy it!! Sure I have not played Star Wars much just he beta but sure I should give it one more chance.

But Star War is quite expansive it need to drop some what in price before I start playing it or if I can get my hands on a Free trial but now when it’s summer I can wait to get that free trial. I like the Story system they have there that you make your own respond so you have some choice in the story. Not like it was in World of Warcraft that questing system could drive some on in to madness!!! The only good thing was the pvp and pve but I had more fun in the PvP part of the game.

Jesper C, Until Next!